Artie's arrival ((open :D))

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Artie's arrival ((open :D)) Empty Artie's arrival ((open :D))

Post  Artful O'Riley on Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:14 am

Artie walk up the hill. He had just gotten hear the day before and was still checking the place out. He didn't have a very nice home before he got here so he was perfectly content. He laid down on the ground and took of his cap. He examined his green converse. He loved green but lime green was his favorite. He looked at the sky and started to think of what he had been through this past year.
After being attacked by a minotaur he ran away. He had been to afraid to return home so he lived on the streets.He took shelter in anything he could find. One day he began to look for food when he found the camp.He came in and found out he was a half blood. He needed a home so he decided to stay year round.
He was glad he decided to stay here because it was much more save than the streets. He looked at his orange camp half blood shirt. He loved all the colors he was wearing, his lime green convers, an orange T-shirt, and his purple jeans. He was searching through his pockets when h heard someone.

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