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Post  Jensen Anita Morris on Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:37 pm

Character's name: Jensen Anita Morris

Gender: Female

Species:Half Blood

Location: Boise, Idaho

Date of Birth: 11/23/1996

History: Jensen lived for most of her life with her parents, but after their unfortunate deaths in a shooting, she was told by her uncle who was taking care of her that she had really been adopted. For a while she had been terribly angry at her parents for not telling her, and her parents for putting her up for adoption. but later decided that she would find her parents herself. Jensen called the adoption agency and found her records but that really didn't lead her anywhere, as apparently, she had been found as an infant outside of a restraunt and brought there by the place's owner. Frustrated, she finally gave up on ever finding her parents and now lives with her uncle in Idaho, going to a public school.

Appearance: Jensen has shoulder length medium curly blonde hair, green eyes, and lightish tan skin. She is about five foot eight and is somewhere between slim and curvy. She hardly ever wears any makeup beyond mascara and a small amount of eyeliner. Her wardrobe is mostly composed of blues and violets with some yellows and pinks thrown in.
Personality: At first, jensen comes on shy and withdrawn since she doesn't reach out as much as she'd like. but if she does decide to talk, she has quite a bit to say. she doesn't always express her opinion out loud, but she has a lot of intelligent ideas once you dig deeper. she's very sweet and tries to help people in need as much as she can.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: Friend from school (aka site owner who is amazingly awesome^-^)

Which books in the series have you read so far?: only the first one, but I have the second, third and fourth on hold at the library now.
Jensen Anita Morris
Jensen Anita Morris

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Post  Percy Jackson on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:09 pm

Hi Jensen!

I was just hoping you could fill out the application completely. Below I've put the form, just so you have it again!

Thanks, Percy

Character Information

(If you wish to be a character from the books, look at the canon characters page, and find one that isn't taken.)

Character's name:


(If you are a half-blood, you do not get to pick your god or goddess parent. You will be claimed after role-playing for a while.)


Date of Birth:

(The history, appearance, and personality sections must be at least five sentences. Third person, please.)




Other Information-

How did you find out about us?:

Which books in the series have you read so far?:

Sample Roleplay:
(It does not have to be from this site. It has to be at least a paragraph.)

I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines:
Yes or No

My character 2ir4tph
Credit to My sis Cammy!!! ^_^

My character 9kujva
Percy Jackson
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