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Post  Brianne Granger on Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:33 pm

Character's name: Natalia Rine

Gender: Female

Species: Half Blood

Location: London, normally.

Date of Birth: August 30, 1997

History: Natalia grew up with her mother, Isabel, and her brother, Ian. Her mother was unfortunately cruel, expecting much of her children. When Isabel did not approve of her children's actions, she would beat them. The Rine siblings were always loyal to their mother, but they questioned their alliance when they got into their mother's secret room. Ian and Natalia found that their mother and step father had killed many people. Natalia packed her bags and ran away.

Of course, Natalia was born into a very rich family, so she had the best clothes in school. She was obsessed with clothes up until she ran away. Natalia was eventually turned into social services. She spent three terrible months in a orphanage, wishing she was with her murderous mother. Which said a lot.

Natalia was eventually adopted, by a strange older man who had a limp. Her new 'parent' questioned Natalia a lot, which led her to lock herself in her room. The then 10 year old didn't know what else to do. But the truth was, the man was trying to help her. He knew something she didn't. He continued questioning her, only now with a door between them.

One time, when Natalia was sleeping, the man packed her things and put her in the car, and drove to the airport. He bought first class seats, to be sure that they wouldn't be heard when Natalia woke up. He loaded her onto the plane, buckling up.

'Next stop, Manhattan!' The pilot's voice awoke Natalia from her sleep. Where am I? Natalia thought to herself, rubbing her eyes with her fists. She turned her head slightly to the left, only to see her adoptive parent. "Where are you taking me?" Natalia asked, a frightened look on her face.

He explained that he was a Satyr, and how she was a Half Blood. The last thing he got to, was the Greek gods and goddesses. Natalia just stared at him in disbelief, how would that ever be possible? She explained her disbelief, her eyes only growing wider as he took off his pants. That's when she truly believed. Natalia agreed to go, happy she would finally have a real home for the first time in years.

((Sorry it's so long :/))

Appearance: Natalia has a Indian appearance, even though she was born in England. She has dark brown skin, though it isn't black. Her hair is a black curtain of silk, cascading a little under her shoulders. Her eyes are dark brown, her gaze is penetrating. Natalia is the normal height and size for a 13 year old. Her clothes of course, are always top notch.

Personality: Natalia is over powering. She can stare you down and make you feel very uncomfortable, even though she's only thirteen. She is bossy, rarely kind to much of anyone. Natalia has a few chosen people that she may half way care for, but those people are rarely found. Natalia is always watching her back.

((I don't know if I can play this character O.o))

Other Information- Nope

How did you find out about us?: Amby's Siggy ((It's Sophie! :O))

Which books in the series have you read so far?: All of them.

Sample Roleplay:
Sophie was lost. Absolutely lost. Her dad had sent a taxi to pick her up in the small town near camp. She had no idea about why he hadn't come himself, but she was now standing in the middle of the largest city she had ever been in, with nothing but a scrap of paper with a address, and a backpack. Sophie's head rolled with all the different voices of the people around her. She hadn't been around this many people in so long, she felt claustrophobic. She sat down on a bench, looking at her little piece of paper.

729 7th Avenue, 4th fl. New York, NY 10019. That was her father's new address. Sophie would be staying there for a few days before she moved in with Summer and the others. Sophie had absolutely no idea how to get there either. She didn't have a cell phone, or a map. How was she going to get there? Sophie sighed, looking around. She knew that a subway would probably do it, she had some money left.

She found one, and bought a ticket. She boarded the train as soon as it arrived, finding it surprisingly empty. She checked her watch-3:00. Of course, every one was at work. She tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for the train to stop.

Finally, it slowed down, advertising that they had arrived in the business area. Of course, Sophie thought to herself. Where else would her father live other then the business part of Manhattan? She stood up and hurried out, up the stairs and into the sun light. She turned her head, looking at all the street signs. All she could see were tall buildings, though they were surrounding one older brick building. There, she noticed one of the many people walking around it. Jake.

Sophie practically ran across the street, seeing a familiar face. The red light flickered on just as she started to run, but Sophie hadn't noticed. She stopped when she got to the sidewalk, realizing that this was the road she was actually on the road she was supposed to be. She shook her thoughts away, focusing again. Sophie continued to walk toward Jake. When she got there, she smiled and waved a hand in his face, getting his attention. "Hey! What are you doing here?"

I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines:

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