The Calm of the Waves ((Open))

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The Calm of the Waves ((Open)) Empty The Calm of the Waves ((Open))

Post  Percy Jackson on Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:23 am

As a son of Poseidon, there was no place that Percy would rather be than the Long Island Sound. It was where he thought the best, felt the best, and in general was his best. Annabeth usually made fun of him when he wanted to go out to the sound, or pushed him into the water (not that that really mattered or anything), but even so, Percy spent most of his free time there. Especially if it was when he was alone.

Of course, the boy was rarely alone. If he wasn't with his girlfriend or other friends, he was helping new demigods train or helping them through camp and its oddities. After all, Percy could still remember his first few days at camp, and how difficult it had been. Not wanting any other demigod to go through that, Percy was more than willing to help them, at meals, going through the whole 'you'll be claimed soon enough' thing...the usual, he supposed. But when Percy did get a break, he was always at the sound. Always in his element, the water.

Walking along the shore, Percy smiled slightly. The waves were a bit rough today, there was probably a small storm coming in on the outside world. But as usual, nothing would touch Camp Half-Blood. It was nice to be in the little bubble they were in...the boy kind of preferred it that way. It meant no worrying about umbrellas or whether it was Zeus trying to kill him for some reason or another. Because as much as Percy respected his uncle, he was still pretty intimidated by the king of the Gods. Of course, in all honesty, who wasn't (or wouldn't be, if they were a mortal and had no idea about the world outside of their own).

The boy paused a moment to take off his sneakers, walking barefoot through the water and letting the waves lap against his feet. As usual, it felt good and reenergized Percy, making him feel like he could do pretty much anything. Percy loved that feeling. Well, most of the time. Sometimes it was annoying, like when he wanted to spar and there was no one around to. Or no one who wanted to (okay, maybe the son of Poseidon could be pretty intimidating himself). And the worst, when it was just him and Annabeth, and his girlfriend kicked his butt (which didn't always happen, but sometimes it did).

Looking out at the water, Percy smiled a little wider. His thoughts were so much clearer here, with the droplets of water in the breeze and the waves lapping against his feet. Holding onto his sneakers, Percy walked a little more, finding a rock that was close to the water and sitting down. The boy put his shoes beside him and let his feet dangle into the water, looking out and getting lost in the calm.

The Calm of the Waves ((Open)) 2ir4tph
Credit to My sis Cammy!!! ^_^

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