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Post  Bella Grace on Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:57 pm

Bella walked across the waters edge and slipped her foot out of her roxy flip flops and let her foot glide across the surface of the water creating ripples that grew larger and larger until they completely vanished. Bella liked to compare little things in life to her life, it made her life seem slightly more beautiful. She figured it had something to do with her dyxlexia. Bella always looked to the positive in life and loved her surroundings when she created happy thoughts.

Bella continued in day dreaming, she loved that she felt safe here at camp. This is where her heart gided her as well as the voice in her head, which she also blamed her dyxlexia for. She still wasnt sure what this camp was, but the voice confirmed her feeling that this is where she belonged. Bella smiled as she saw two doves on a tree nearby chirping. Bella loved to fantasize about love, hoping that one day she would meet a respectable boy who would sweep her off her feet. Bella patted her white skirt, flicking off little dirt speckles and watching as they sprinkled into the water creating little water ripples.
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