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Post  Brianne Granger on Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:07 pm

Character's name: Issac William


Species: Half-blood

Location: Camp

Date of Birth: March 19 1996

History: Isaac grew up a rather normal life, nothing special. Well.... if you counted having no family and being taken cared of by a bunch of homeless kids, normal. Than yes, quite a normal life. They were taken cared of by an American girl named Hellen. A teenage girl who had come to england to study, but never left after her schooling was done. Well.... one thing lead to another and soon she was helping out kids like Icarus. They weren't your normal kids, they were pretty nice. Not like most kids, were could be called punks. And his life was okay like this. Untill one day, when his bank was held up. Issac happened to be inside, when this happened. The police couldn't get inside, knowing what would happen if they tried to do so. Isaac was driven to actting, he was scared but he couldn't let anything happen to his friends. So stupidly he jumped onto the back of the gunmen, who was probally twice his size and age. He knocked the gun out of the mans hand, though that had been by luck only. Issac was thrown off of his back, when he got up he saw the flash of metal and a boom. Nothing more.

When he awoke, he was in a hospitle. That was privatily owned by the army. It was then that his life changed in a way that had probally never happened to anyone. When he was okay, suffering from a shot to the chest. They offered him a choice, to go back to the streets, or join them. 'Them' being a secret branch of the S.A.S. special air service. They were founded when they saw that countrys all over the world were training kids. Not only, but babys as well. Teaching them out to fight. So Issac chose the job. The job of the 'secret' branch, that seemed to have no name. They were secret agents in the S.A.S. that were there to do 'certain' things for the agency. All of which were kids, they were like spys in the S.A.S. one of the best organizations in the britsh army. Where there units and companys are focused on serviving, it was Issac job to go in extract info, or get certain people safe, they were like a clean up crew. No not like from a James Bond movie, this was a real job. No fancy suits no nothing. They were soilder and they had a job. The reason they were kids though, is because in a fight. Will the bad guy go for the big guy with the gun. Or the little kid? Though unknown to almost evreyone the little kid was deadily and had an importain job to forfill.

They were going though a town, evreything was okay. When something burst from the ground. It was like a giant scorpian. It attacked evreyone, killing most untill a kid jumped out. Branching a sword??? Though the boy soon drove the monster off, when his gun and bulets wouldn't do anything. The boy told Issac what is was, a monster. And that Issac.... wasn't who he seemed. He wasn't just a kid who joined the ranks of a secret agency. It was more than that, that he was... a Half-blood. That he wasn't a mortal he was infact a child of a greek god. He left hoping evreyone would think he was dead. He snuck onto a plane and soon entered America, and travled to Half-blood camp..... or something like that.

Appearance: Isaac had dirty blone hair, that may look brown and or blonde in the different light. Which was very helpfull in his job. He is exactly in the 50% range for height and weight, for his age. He is muscular but by looking at him you wouldn't be able to tell. He always changes his cloths to match where he would be going, so hey doesn't have a style. He has piercing green eyes.

Personality: He is an adventureist, always doing what others won't always pushing himself further than he should. He is a born leader, though he never thinks before he acts. He always follows his heart not his head, and live of insince and impulsiveness. He can almost never settle, always jumping from one thing to the other. He is just freindly, though when others are mean to his friends he will jump to there defence. Though when other insult him he will shoot comments back to the other, always with a smile on his face. When pushed to the edge of strees of desperation he is unpredictable and unstable. Never knowing himself what he will do. He is quick to pick up on things, but his memmory is very poor. He is quick on his feet and almost never at aloss for words.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: Athena posted the link on HBH

Which books in the series have you read so far?: All

Sample Roleplay:

Ash looked to the wall, not wanting to face the other two. That was when the girl said her name was Artemis. Ash turned around and faced her. He was quite fond of Greek Mythology. The heroes slaying monsters left and right, they were a good read. Muggles being more than they were, sometimes he wondered if some of the wizard culture had inspired the myths. It wasn't impossible, just improbable. He cracked a smile, something he almost never did. "Really? Artemis? That is a...... nice name." There wasn't much else he could call it. "So you were named after the Goddess of the hunt, were you? The sister to Apollo, god of the sun and daughter to Zeus and Leta." He was glad that both hadn't said anything about his comment on the lack of his strength. It had been a little slip, nothing more. Though he was surprised to find that both seemed as if they had been about to help.

Ash couldn't hide the surprise in his look, it was a curios thing. It's curios, how both seemed right about to help me. When both do not even know my name, just helping for the sake of helping a little kid. This is something I wish others would do, sometimes he was slightly surprised by his own thoughts. He had almost never thought something like that. Ash shrugged it off, and was about to lean against the wall and possibly take a nap. When he heard the other girl speak. He looked perplexed, the gears in his mind spinning. He snapped his fingers, giving a smile. He remembered, "ah yes. Your name is from a Greek myth as well, is it not? From the battle of Troy?" The history of the name was not a good one. The only reason he remembered, was because Briseis had been a BIG factor in the Trojan war. She had been a 'prize' to Achilles. Only than did Agamemnon take Briseis, angering Achilles. Where he quit the battle, until the death of his cousin. Ash nodded, "Greek myths have always interested me. That is how I've come to know the history behind your names."

When Briseis asked what his own name was he sighed. Usually this would be the time when he said, Emmesey Squire . It was a joke, though most never got it. What he was really saying was (E=mc2). Ash was never one for revealing his name right off of the bat, but today... he just said "my name is Ash." Ash knew he would probably never see these two again in his life, Hogwarts was a very big place. That and he was sure that both were not in his year, he knew for a fact that the girl with the cat wasn't. The other he wasn't sure, but he really didn't care to much. He wasn't on this train to meet people, he was here to find his brother. He didn't want the girls kicking him out of the cart, "yes I'm a first year. What about you? I know for a fact you aren't, so.... how is everything at hogwarts? Houses, teachers, other students, all of it?"

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