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Character's name:
Perceus “Percy” Jackson



New York City

Date of Birth:
August 18, 1993

Family: Father- Poseidon; Mother- Sally Jackson; Stepfather- Paul Blofis; Half brother- Tyson

Percy was born to Sally Jackson, a woman who had been adored by the Greek God Poseidon. The God was never in Percy’s life because of the danger and the fact that Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, as the Big Three, made a pact after WW2 that they would not sire anymore children. Percy grew up with his mother, a struggling candy-store worker. When he was young, however, Sally married Gabe Ugliano (whom Percy nicknamed “Smelly Gabe”), an abusive man. Percy could never figure out why his mother had married him; it was only later when he found out she did because he smelled so bad that he masked Percy’s demigod smell from monsters.

Percy had an odd childhood, filled with strange occurrences, diagnoses of ADHD and Dyslexia, and being kicked out of a different school every year. When he was in sixth grade at Yancey Academy, Percy’s life began to get even weirder. He made his first real friend, Grover Underwood, and met his first monster, without realizing it; his math teacher Mrs. Dodds. He also found a new favorite teacher in Mr. Brunner, his Latin teacher. Percy always felt like Mr. Brunner expected more of him than he could handle, but was still very surprised when the school was on a field trip to The Met and the man threw him a pen that turned into a sword. He needed the sword because Mrs. Dodds had changed into a Furie.

After leaving Yancey, Percy and his mother were taking a trip to the shore when they suddenly had to leave as Grover showed up. Percy discovered that his best friend was a Satyr, faced a Minotaur, lost his mother, and finally found out the truth: he was a demigod, half human and half Greek God or Goddess. Inside the boundaries of Camp Half-Blood, he was claimed by Poseidon as his son. Soon after his arrival, Percy was given his first quest; Mr. Brunner, who turned out to be the ancient Centaur teacher Chiron, explained to the twelve year old Percy that he was being accused by Zeus of stealing his Master Bolt. If the Master Bolt was not returned by the Summer Solstice, a war would start among the Gods.

Percy did complete his quest with his friends Annabeth, a daughter of Athena, and Grover. At the end of the summer, he found out that Kronos was trying to rise from his former friend Luke, right before Luke attempted to kill him. Despite this, Percy returned to the human world, but worked hard to make sure he still helped out. His second summer at camp, Percy went on a second outing, even though it was not officially his quest.

Over the next few summers, Percy went through a lot to save his friends and fight against Kronos. The summer he turned 16, though, was a big one. A Prophecy had been given that the first demigod of the Big Three to reach age 16 would have to make a choice to either save or destroy the Gods. Full scale war erupted between the Gods and the Titans, where Percy bravely led all of Camp Half-Blood into the fight. They held down New York City as the Titans invaded, and Percy ended up saving the day, even though the Prophecy had been slightly twisted. Upon returning to camp, Percy finally got together with Annabeth, and they have been dating ever since.

With green eyes and black hair, Percy has a lot of the traits of his father, Poseidon. He is a bit taller than an average boy his age, standing at 5’10”. Percy can usually be found in comfortable clothing, most often jeans and an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. The boy’s black hair is cut short which helps, but will still get in his eyes at times. Percy has a skinny build but is very much in shape from training so much. Really, most of the time, Percy is prepared to fight at any moment, so he makes sure he is always prepared in comfortable clothing and an alert look in his eyes.

Percy is a strong and adventurous hero. He is a natural born leader and has a lot of determination to do what is right in the best way possible. Although he knows there will be losses in situations like this, Percy tries his best to stay positive and keep others going the same way. Although this can difficult, even for him to keep up with, Percy knows what’s best for everyone and knows how to get things done. He tries his hardest to protect everyone and is very conscious about losing his friends and family in battle.

Having been through so much for his age, Percy has grown up a lot. He has become a brave and strong-minded person, which really shows. Percy will do almost anything to conquer and set things straight in both the mortal and nonmortal worlds. After everything that happened with the War on Kronos, Percy has also learned a lot about himself, his strengths, his weakness, and how to work with the people around him, even if it doesn’t seem like he can.

Percy’s fatal flaw is essentially that he puts others before himself. He is willing to sacrifice himself if it means saving a friend or family member, which also shows his selflessness. This is something that the boy has gotten a lot more control over, and it is just another piece of himself that he works on constantly. Having grown so much over the years, Percy has learned that family and friends really are the most important things in life. He has also learned not to be ashamed of who he is, the choices he’s had to make, and the people he has come to surround himself with.

Some of Percy’s favorite things are the water, his girlfriend Annabeth, fighting for justice, his sword Riptide, Camp Half-Blood, being with his mother and blue food. On the other side, he has a lot of dislikes as well, including traitors, flying too high (being in Zeus’s realm), regular mortal school and losing people.

Percy is a very conscientious person who is just as willing to admit to his weaknesses as well as his strengths. Some of the boy’s strengths are manipulating water, being a strong and confident leader, being brave and caring so much for his friends and family. But like with anything, he does have weaknesses; some of which are putting others before himself, worrying about people, and of course, his fears. Most importantly, Percy’s fatal flaw is willing to risk his life for his friends, or more simply, personal loyalty.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?:
My little sis on another site started it! Hi Summer/Spencer! <3
Which books in the series have you read so far?:
All of them. Plus the Demigod Files, et all.

Sample Roleplay:
Sometimes the clouds above Camp reminded Percy of the bad times.

Sure, the rain never hit the enclosed area, but it still brought back terrible memories for the boy, fighting Titans, using every ounce of his strength to keep the world in motion, and many other things that the boy just didn’t care to think about. So right then, he didn’t. Percy was currently sitting by the Long Island Sound, watching the waves roll up against the sand. He perched on the edge on a blanket, allowing the water to wash up on his feet as the waves came close, feeling himself getting energized as they did so. It wasn’t like he needed the energy; it had been a pretty low key day as days could get at Camp Half-Blood, and Percy just wanted to enjoy some time alone with his thoughts. He knew it was only a matter of time until he would hear a bleat from Grover or Annabeth tackling him from behind with a familiar ‘What’s up, Seaweed Brain?’

But right now, all Percy really wanted to think about was the water. Being a son of Poseidon, he took comfort in the water, found energy in…the Naiads in it looked up at him and waved as they passed by. Percy just smiled and shook his head at them…they got way too playful at times. He could remember friends getting soaked from Naiads playing around. All good times in the past. Of course, the past wasn’t entirely good times, but that just made Percy appreciate the good times even more. And the boy certainly wasn’t going to worry about the future; he was way beyond that. He had spent too long worrying about the future, about Prophecies…and now he was just content to take things as they came and be happy about his life. Sure, not everything was perfect, but things couldn’t get much better at this point.

Percy could hear the footsteps on the sound as someone approached. The sand muffled the sound pretty well, but being so close to the ocean, feeling its power, made things much more clear and sharp for the boy. Percy smiled. There were only two people (well, one person and one Satyr) who would dare to disturb him at times like this, and since he didn’t hear any crunching of tin can, Percy had a feeling that he knew exactly who was approaching him. It didn’t bother him, he had had his time with the sea and it was time to give his girlfriend some attention now. Annabeth was getting ready to pounce just as Percy turned around, smiling widely. “Way to go on ruining the surprise, Seaweed Brain,” she teased, sitting down beside him.

“Good to see you too,” Percy said, kissing her softly, and feeling completely content with the world.

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