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Post  Jeff Bentham on Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:14 pm

Jeff was annoyed by camp. Even though he had a few interesting encounters at camp it was still not his kind of place. Jeff was a person that didn’t stick in one place. He was thirteen and he had already traveled around continets. Jeff was always a person to travel. He was a person that was eager to learn about the world and its people. Even though if you looked throught the cultural differences all humans were the same. Weak and unable to survive on their own. Demigods always needed to take them by the hand by leading them. That’s what demigods were for, to lead the weak fools that is said to be the greatest race alive. Even though Jeff was half human and his mom was human he despised them. He thought humans were just toys that broke easily. And Jeff had broken so many, that those toys weren’t worth his time anymore. He needed something interesting, something that would get this boredome out of his system. It didn’t need to be a fight, just an encouter that would last.

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Post  Percy Jackson on Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:54 pm

((Oh my GODS, I am so sorry I missed this...between getting ready for school and starting classes and so so sorry!))

Walking along the shore of the Long Island Sound, Percy thoughtfully let the waves lap over his feet, feel the energy from them. It had been a long day of training and helping younger and newer demigods train, and all the boy wanted to do was walk in the water...maybe take a swim, and hopefully see Annabeth. His girlfriend was pretty busy these days, but at least she was making more of an effort to see Percy since she was progressing so much with her plans for the new Olympus. It was good to have her back for the most part, not that Percy would ever really say that to her. The son of Poseidon knew that Annabeth would tease him mercilessly if he did say anything like that, but Percy still couldn't help from feeling it.

As per usual, the water seemed to just sort of...flow easily around Percy's feet. It kind of came with the whole 'son of the sea God' thing. It felt so good, and was definitely helping the boy accept the fact that the summer was coming to an end. Nine months...that was all he had to survive before he got to stay at camp for most of the time. And nine months at Goode didn't sound too bad...he'd been there long enough to have made a couple friends, and it was always good (although slightly awkward) to have his stepfather for a teacher. Paul was a really great guy, who understood everything...he had fought for Percy to remain at Goode many times at this point, and the boy (although he wouldn't admit it) was grateful for that. Not to mention it all meant he got to see his mother all the time. That would be harder once he was done high school.

Percy looked ahead slightly, seeing another figure sitting on the beach. There was no one else around, and the son of Poseidon didn't recognize this boy...he must be pretty new. He didn't look like a happy camper (literally and metaphorically) and Percy kind of felt...well, kind of obligated to talk to the kid and kind of sympathetic to him...the boy could clearly remember his first days at camp and how difficult they had been. And how much it had all sucked when he was claimed. Well, at first anyway. Sitting down beside the boy (who knew if Percy had even been noticed), the son of Poseidon looked out over the Sound with a soft sigh. He would definitely miss this for the upcoming months. "Beautiful view, isn't it?" he said quietly, turning to look at the other boy.

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