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Ouranos, Titan of the sky, also known as Father sky, is slowly rising from the depths of tarturous, Taking revenge the gods, for casting him down there. With the help of a few rebel demi-gods, He will take down camp, and overthrow the gods. Is it the Kronos war all over again? You could say that I suppose, But Its much more dangerous.
Ouranos, is forming an Army, With titans, Demi gods, Monsters, creations, And anything he can get his grimy hands on. Now We all want to know one simple answer, Why? Good question, He thinks If Kronos couldn't do it, than He Could. He was more powerful, stronger, Maybe. He wants his turn on revenge. Will he get it? Or will Camp half blood, and the Olympians win yet again? Now dear Halfblood which side will you choose? And where will you stand? Pick now. For you life may very well depend on it. This is the fate of the universe we have here. The rise or fall of a generation. Death, Pain, Destruction. Pick your path Wisely now. For, This could be Your. Final. Summer.

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