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Name: Lysander Ravenwood

Gender: Male

Species: Half-blood

Books read: The whole series

How I found out: Advertising on HBH

Age: 15

Side: Campers

Appearance: Lys has dark brown hair, bordering on black and blue eyes. He is about 5”6 and is nearly always seen smiling. He usually wears blues and blacks, but occasionally wears a red t-shirt if he’s in the mood for it – but it’s usually the blue and black that he likes to go for. He has lots of small scars from encounters with monsters and a large scar across his chest from when he was attacked by a dracaena. He is never seen without his ring, which turns into a sword when he needs it. It is the only thing he has of his father’s.

Personality: Lysander is a genuinely nice person. He can’t stand bullies, and if he sees someone been picked on, he’ll go over to try and help. This has, unfortunately, resulted in him been beaten up a fair bit. He always jokes that he is a lover, not a fighter. However, he isn’t actually that bad, although he needs proper training. He isn’t exactly a people person, but doesn’t like been totally alone either. He feels very protective of other people and will always do his best to help, even at the cost of his life. He doesn’t make friends easily and can find people hard to trust and sometimes difficult to understand, but at the same time he can be very empathetic. He doesn’t hold grudges, and is a forgiving person, depending on what the person in question has done. On top of all this, he is a very curious person and likes to explore – not necessarily a good thing when you have monsters chasing you. As he spends a lot of his time alone, he liked to do something to occupy his time so he wasn’t always wondering who his father was. So he found different hobbies – he played the guitar, he played sports and he made things. All three of which he enjoyed – nothing could beat the satisfaction of successfully completing a model made from scratch, from winning a game of baseball, from successfully playing a song on the guitar without messing up any of the notes. Of course, Lys’s fingers bled from playing the guitar so much, but he played it so much so that he wouldn’t get the song wrong. He liked to finish what he started, after all.

History: Lysander’s history is rather random and at times, spontaneous. For the first 12 years of his life, he lived in England with his mother, but at the age of 10 monsters had started to really notice him and go for him. By the time he was twelve, it was so bad that his mother decided to move to the US. Somehow, she managed to get a Green Card and find an apartment in New York to live in. At school, Lysander was a bit of an outcast, known as the new kid, or ‘that guy’. He got bullied a bit because of his name, but he always stood up for himself. He stood up for other people who were getting bullied too, and ended up on first name terms with the school nurse, he was there that much. Even through all this, the monsters managed to find him. By the time he was fourteen, he had been through three different schools. He had been expelled from all three for criminal damage, even though he hadn’t done anything. But he was the only person who could see the monsters. He had usually kept quiet about this, but one night confessed to his mother that he saw them. Her reply surprised him, saying she knew and that she could see them too. That was the day that Lys found out he was a half blood. But he didn’t know about Camp.

His mother showed him how his ring turned into a sword when he needed it to. He realised that over the years, the sword had changed form to be something that someone his age would have, no questions asked. When he had been a little kid, it had been a little toy lightsaber. He remembered pressing a button on it and it changed into a real sword. He had been scared and dropped it and run off. When he went back later, he saw just his lightsaber on the floor and put it down to his imagination. As he grew older, it carried on changing. It had been a lightsaber, a button in his pocket, a yo-yo, a key ring and now a ring. Still, Lys did his best to never use it. Monsters still cropped up, and he ran away. But sometimes they cornered him and he had to get out of it. He always ended up cut after these battles, but alive while the monster turned to dust.

A few months later, he walked home to find his mother had broken down into tears. When he asked what was wrong, the news he heard wasn’t happy news at all. She had cancer, and it was terminal. She had three months left to live, at the most. For those three months, Lys didn’t leave her side. When she did pass away, he ran away. He wanted nothing to do with the Social Services, or whatever the American equivalent was.

He ended up running into a group of half bloods, on the run from monsters too. While he was with them, he turned fifteen. But also while he was with them, the monster attacks got worse. Eventually, a dracaena caught up with the group and Lys stayed back to give the other half bloods a chance to escape and get to camp. The fight was intense, and the fear Lys felt was matched only by the amount of adrenalin flowing through him as he blocked, parried and countered. His ADHD really helped here. Eventually, the battle was won, but only just. The dracaena had easily got past his guard and cut him numerous times, but the worst was a deep gash across his chest. Lysander fell unconscious from blood loss, and woke up in the infirmary at camp. The gash was gone, replaced with a massive scar.

Sample RP: Ahh.... my chest.... Lys thought as he opened his eyes. He was surprised to be alive after that encounter with the dracaena. He wondered which hospital he was in. It wouldn’t be the first he had been to. He tried to sit up and look around the room, but his chest felt like it was exploding, and he passed out from the pain.

The next time he woke up, he felt a drink been pushed into his hand. He drunk and felt better. He let the hot chocolate last, enjoying every sip. It was only when he had finished with it that he noticed it had been in a glass with ice in it, and that he had been drinking through a straw. At the moment, that didn’t matter. He felt tired, more tired than ever before. He closed his eyes and slept.

When he next woke up, he felt a lot better. He actually managed to sit up and look around the room he was in. It was then that he realised that he wasn’t in a hospital. He was in some house somewhere. He noticed someone watching him. The person seemed to have eyes all over.
I must be hallucinating... Lysander thought. While he felt better, just sitting up and looking around the room and taking everything in had worn him out. He went back to sleep. Again, he woke up. He checked the gash across his chest and was amazed to see it was gone – the only sign that it had been there was a scar on his chest. But this scar... was massive. Easily noticeable. Not like most of the others he had, around his chest, his arms and on his back. But still, he was alive. And that was what mattered. He lay back on his bed and waited until someone came in.

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