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Post  Georgie Daniels on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:33 am

I didn't know where to put it so I put it in the chat forum... Hope you don't mind... Smile

The Four Nations

It's a year after the great battle between the fire lord and Avatar Aang and everything is going wonderful. Zuko claimed world peace and is helping the Earth Kingdom rebuild their famous buildings and homes. The sister water tribes are now in contact. Everything is going as planned. Until a certain spark that became a flame for rebels. Fire Lord Zuko is assasinated. Noone knows who by but people from other colonies are blaming each other. The arrogance of the Fire nation is blaming the Earth Kingdom for assinating their new fire lord but no one is sure who it is. The avatar is too busy to solve the problem but who will you side with. The world is tearing apart and someone must solve the problem. It could be you or you but the Earth kingdom is only a few inches away from declaring war. Who will you side with?
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