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Character's name: Felicity Chance

Gender: Female

Species: Half-Blood

Location: KANSAS!!!

Date of Birth: 9/17/97

History: Felicity was born in Kansas. When she was 7 years old, she started seeing strange things. Like dark shadows hiding in bushes. As a 7-year-old, she didn't really know what to think execpt MONSTERS! And unfortunately, she was right. Felicity was a demigod. She didn't know who her real mother was. Her father loved Felicity and was sad to see her go to Camp Half-Blood a few days before her 13th birthday. Felicity wished that she could at least stay for a few more days, but she would be unsafe. And safety, of course, is one of the most important things.

Appearance: Felicity has long, blond hair and gray-ish blue eyes. She likes to keep her hair down and it slightly passes her shoulders. She is healthy and thin, but a bit on the short-ish side. She doesn't have glasses or braces. Although, her eyesight isn't perfect. She's althletic and strong, though she doesn't look like it a whole lot.

Personality: Felicity is caring a friendly. She's outgoing, clever, and bright. One thing that people remember about Felicity is that she's FUNNY. She has a very positive outlook on things. She does tend to not use her common sense once in a while. Felicity struggles with ADHD and dyslexia, like most other demigods. Felicity also tends to run things into the ground. Like, repeating a funny line until it's not that funny anymore. Of course, she doesn't do that very much.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: Doors of death RPG

Which books in the series have you read so far?: ALL OF THEM!!!

Sample Roleplay:
As the school year was about to start, many demigods started packing and heading off to Manhattan. Carly didn't know if her siblings were leaving or not, but she wasn't in the cabin long enough to find out. Carly woke up sort of early this morning. It was a chilly morning that Carly wasn't quite used to. This summer had been really hot; usually for most of the day. Carly opened the door of the colorful Iris cabin and shivered. She looked around and didn't see many people awake. It wasn't time for people to be waking up, but it was mostly because they were probably in their cabins packing to leave. Carly turned around and went back into the cabin. She had on a pair of jeans and her Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt. Carly was heading out to the woods, so she thought it might be a good idea to bring a jacket with her as well. She rummaged through her bag to find her lightest jacket. Carly hadn't been here when it was really cold, so she hadn't needed her jacket. She probably shouldn't have left it in the very bottom of her bag, which is where she found it. She knew she'd need it eventually. After she found her lavender jacket, she slipped in on over her T-Shirt and walked out of the colorful cabin.

The woods weren't very pleasant at first on a September morning like this. The wind blew and it wasn't very gentle. It blew around the very few leaves that had already fallen off of the trees. Carly stopped for a moment and looked up at the tree tops. She brushed a strand of hair out of her face and looked up at the tall trees. There were still quite a few leaves on them, but they were slowly falling. You could already tell it was September even though it wasn't very far into it. Carly sighed and focused back on the path and kept walking. Its not that she didn't like the start of fall, but she'd miss her demigod friends who were going to be leaving! Carly didn't know how many of her friends were leaving, though she didn't see some of them as often. Carly crunched the fallen leaves as she walked through the woods. It wasn't wintertime, so it wasn't too cold. Just a little colder that usual. Carly was pretty sure that she, along with the other campers, would have to get used to the colder weather since it had been so hot this summer.

As Carly turned a small corner on the path, her rainbow dagger fell out of her hand. The noise of the weapon hitting the ground startled her since it had been so quiet in the woods. The reached down to pick it up and brushed the dirt off of it. She smiled when she'd started walking again. Carly loved being here at Camp Half-Blood. She had always intended to go home to her father, but he wasn't going to be home for most of the summer. What would be the point of going home then? She'd only considered another reason of why Carly would want to go home. That was to see her old friends. The reason why she voted against that was that she didn't know if they still lived there. Carly would also probably have to explain why she left in such a hurry as well. Carly would probably have to use some excuse like 'family emergency' or something. Although, that was partly true. Carly had found out that her real mother was Iris, the rainbow goddess, since she came here. She'd found out about another member of her family.

Carly was almost ready to turn around when she saw a little red leaf float down from one of the tall trees. It landed beside Carly on a large rock. She went over and touched it. The leaf turned from red to a beautiful shade of emerald green. Carly smiled and kept walking through the woods. Then, she heard a small noise. It was the sound of the ruffling fall leaves. Carly turned around, gripping her dagger tightly. She wasn't sure of if it was a monster or not, but she raised her dagger slightly in case it was. She saw a human figure in the distance. Carly couldn't tell who it was, but Carly started to walk a little closer to whoever it was.

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