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Post  Cammy Astraia on Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:36 pm

Character's name: Brittney Astraia (As-trey-E-uh)

Gender: Female

Species: Half-blood

Location: New york

Date of Birth:

History: Brittney's Father died in a plane crash, when she was six years old, going on seven. After he was killed, Britt, and Her Twin sister, Cammy, were shipped off to their Aunt Belle's House, in New York, Aunt B. was Never nice, and Britt hated her, greatly. Aunt B, had Seperated the Twins, when britt turned ten, She said it was for a good cause. Britt was forced to stay with her grandparents while Her sister, had been staying with Aunt B. When she was eleven she began to attend boarding schools, she continued to jump from school to school, almost every other year, unable to maintain a whole school year or more at one school. Her grades where never good, and Her grandparents were pretty helpful, yet pushy as well.
When Brittney was 12 years old, she was going home to Grandparents house from another year at Boarding school, when monsters attacked, two hell hounds, Her aunt explained to her about what she was, and where she needed to go. So Britt grabbed a few things, and Jumped into a Cab, Her grandmother, had explained what she needed to do, and How hopefully Cammy would be there. Eventually Britt made her way to camp, where she's been ever since, with the occasional visits to her grandparents. Though she is mostly a year-rounder at Camp half-blood, She lives at Camp, and Some times Aunt B's With Her Twin.

Appearance: Britt is of medium height with long blond hair that is wavy when its left down, it reaches down over her shoulders and ends just above the middle of her back, She has beautiful bright blue eyes with almost a glassy sky color,with just a touch of green, and sometimes even a gray, or purple color, depending on the light. and she has a little button nose. Britt has freckles splattered across her nose and slightly tan skin, here and there. Her hair is usually straight, sometimes wavy, it reaches just past her shoulders. She also has side swept bangs. The rest of her hair is a natural golden blond, though she likes that color.

Personality: Britt is not very gullible and it takes quite a bit to convince her of things. She is very athletic and sporty, as well as being very witty. She tends to stick onto something till, depending what it is, is solved, fixed, or done the way she wants or expects it to be. She can also sometimes jump to conclusions, which some people find good and bad, and often speaks before she thinks. She chooses her friends very quickly and sometimes it hurts her. She is also quite curious getting her in trouble often, though she is convinced one day it will help her.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: Cammy

Which books in the series have you read so far?: All of them

Sample Roleplay:
Mel dug her toes into the sands setting her high tops down next to her towel. She smiled slightly at the loud and excited congratulation. She expected a pat on the back or maybe a smile. Suddenly she felt warm, strong arms wrap around her, she shockingly blue iris nearly disappeared as her pupils widened.
"That's awesome! You got claimed by Hermes! Way to go Mel!" she quickly masked her shocked expression with a large smile and a soft laugh. she felt him reluctently pull away, she wasn't sure she wanted him to let go.
"Are those the magic flying shoes i've heard so much about? Your so lucky Mel!!!!" she nodded and picked them up, "here." She handed them to him and whispered 'maia' The little wings that she had learned to rely on in tough situation "Yep these are the amazing shoes so many people are wishing they could have. She let it flap around a little bit and grabbed it shoving it under her blanket. She looked at Dean and saw that his face was beet red, she concealed a smile and blushed softly. This seemed almost normal, two kids on the beach, each to scared to admit they liked each other.

"You almost joined the hunters? Really? When, why? Well i'm glad you didn't because I..." she bit her lip not sure she wanted to admit why, she hadn't become comfortable enough to tell anyone why and when. "it's kinda a long story... We don't want to waste the night hearing my sad pitiful story." she said quickly wincing at the bad memory.
"being a kid of Eris is okay, i guess."
"I'm glad you got claimed, it seems like it changed you." she said looking intently at the gold apple, Eris's symbol.

She watched him run towards her and smiled, she anticipated his moved and almost dodged the water. she felt the cool water soak her head, she smiled and splashed him before being pulled under by her leg. She felll into the water and came sputtering back up, smiling. "You jerk!" she yelled playfully.
"I'm sure your friend Summer is going to lose it when she find out were friends. We are friends right." she tilted her head in confusion, then nodded. "oh.. She'll deal, trust me." Mel said with a sneaky smile. She felt his intense gaze on her, a shiver rushed down her spine. She looked over a winked
"umm er sorry, I can't seem to stop." she smiled and dove under, she came up behind him and held him in a loose headlock. "Never underestimate your oponent." she whispered in his ear.
"so Mel who's your boy friend? I mean your insanely pretty, and awesome. No guy would be able to get you out of there mind-" he laughed "- and i'm sure there is a guy at camp you fancy. Am I right, and if you don't mind. Who is he?" she almost loosened her grip from shock, she didn't have a boyfriend. She had had some before, but that was it.
"Umm.. i don't" she said blushing hotly from the compliments.

I agree to the rules:

(Okay Mel. I posted it FOR you, But Used Merliah's Personality and looks/ and a bit of Cammys looks in it... sorry Happy now?)


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