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Post  Annabeth Chase on Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:34 pm

Name: Annabeth Chase


Location: Camp Half Blood.

Date of Birth: September.

History: Annabeth Chase is the half-blood daughter of the Goddess Athena and the mortal man Frederick Chase. Being a daughter of Athena, who is a maiden goddess, she was not physically born, but is a literal 'brain child'; she was born as a gift to the man her mother loved. When she was seven, she ran away from home. On her journey, she met Luke Castellan, Thalia Grace, and Grover Underwood. Together, they journeyed to Camp Half-Blood, running from and fighting hordes of monsters. Upon arrival at the borders of Camp Half-Blood, Thalia sacrificed her life when they were all attacked by monsters so that Luke and Annabeth could safely get into camp. She lived at Camp Half-Blood for five years prior to Percy Jackson's arrival.

It has been shown that Annabeth does not get along with her father and stepfamily. According to her, her father was not very happy when she first appeared and tends to look at her as a nuisance. Her step-siblings appear to dislike her and feel afraid of her. Her stepmother seems to hate her and feels that she endangers the family by being only half-mortal. At the end of The Lightning Thief, Annabeth returned to her family to see if she could get along with them. She was able to stay with them for approximately a year, but it is unknown if her feeling towards her family have changed; however, in The Titan's Curse, her father and stepmother seem to care for her deeply, and her father helps fight off Kronos's army to save Annabeth.

Annabeth is a good fighter, and has been shown to be able to think on her feet in high-pressured situations. Despite this, Annabeth dreams of being an architect, and the story has made many references to this. In The Lightning Thief, she enjoys and quickly becomes addicted to the 3-D holographic SimCity-esque game at the Lotus Hotel and Casino, and in The Sea of Monsters, it was shown that Annabeth’s greatest dream is to redesign the whole world to make it better, make Luke good again, and be accepted by her mother and father. In The Last Olympian, she is granted the status of being the architect of Olympus.

Canon or Original(Self excplanitory): Canon

Personality: Nicknamed ‘wise girl’ and daughter of the goddess of wisdom, it’s pretty obvious that the girl is wise. She acts hostile towards Percy because she thinks that’s the way it should be, because of their parents but she slips up and warms up to him at certain times. She wants to believe the best in the people she cares about. **Cough, Luke, Cough** She’s very stubborn, and hardly ever hides her feelings. She’s vigilant, acute of wit, and has dauntless courage. She’s an extremely loyal friend, and would most-likely die trying to protect one. Annabeth is very knowledgeable in architecture, history and Greek myths, which is very useful in her journey and battles. Annabeth is also a master strategist. Annabeth is trained in hand-to-hand combat during her stays at Camp Half-Blood. Annabeth is extremely intelligent, wise, and clever. Due to the fact that she is a daughter of Athena, Annabeth is good at arts and crafts.

Hubris, or deadly pride, is Annabeth's fatal flaw. Annabeth thinks that she is able to do anything: get her parents back together, build great monuments, and save Luke as shown in the second book. She sometimes even thinks she can rebuild the world into an even better place than the immortals did. She also has a deep fear of spiders, due to the contest between Athena and Arachne.

She is pretty stubborn, and obnoxious at times, A great listener, and good companion ads well, She when to be quiet and when to speak up, she knows rigth from wrong, and also has a bit of a temper.

Appearance: Might be seen, or not seen with a Magical Yankees cap given to her by her mother, and it turns her invisible. She also carries a celestial-bronze knife that she uses as a weapon, that was given to her by Luke. But cursed when he betrayed her. She has a lap top with ideas and info. On Daedalus, and a Necklace with beads from every year at camp half-blood, which also has her father’s college ring on it. She could be described as a ‘cali girl’ if her eyes were not grey. She’s tall, athletic and blond, and has ‘pretty’ grey eyes. Her blond hair is long and curly.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: Summer/Spencer

Which books in the series have you read so far?: all of them Numerous times.

Sample Roleplay: Gracee Shuffled, Kicking up some dirt as she walked. Her hands stuffed deep in the pockets of her black wind breaker, Which covered her wings. Even though to some people Gracee, along with the flock, was considered freaks, her wings were her prized processions. Thirteen-Foot wingspan, With White bottom feathers, and blue-ish gray Top feathers with small brown-ish black 'freckle' like spots along them.
Gracee looked up, her blonde hair flying into her face from the slight breeze, her blue eyes created a gaze, that went up into the tree's that surrounded her. She Swore she had heard a noise somewhere in the darkened branches, a figure deep in the shadows was spotted high up in the tree just feet from where she was standing.
Gracee took a step back, "Who's there."

I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines:
Yes or No
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Post  Cammy Astraia on Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:42 pm

Accepted. Welcome! ^^

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