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Character Information

(If you wish to be a character from the books, look at the canon characters page, and find one that isn't taken.)

Character's name: Freya Lindquist

Gender: Female

Species: Half-blood
(If you are a half-blood, you do not get to pick your god or goddess parent. You will be claimed after role-playing for a while.)

Location: Half Blood Hill

Date of Birth: 3-14-1997

(The history, appearance, and personality sections must be at least five sentences. Third person, please.)

History: Freya was found on the door step of a very poor ophanage right after she was born. The caretaker, Miss. Skullbag hated children, espesially babys, so Freya had grown up being hated and hurt. Whats more, she had seen monsters every once and a while when she went outof the orphanage. She had learned street fighting so that was how she defended herself. One day, Freya saw some sort of person, with goat legs! She learned that he was a satuyr, and he brought her to camp Half Blood.

Appearance: Freya was the sort of person that most people labled a Rebel at first glance. She wore mostly boy clothes (she was a tomboy) , and usually had an orange stocking cap ,that she had when she was dropped on the door step, over her ragged dirt colored hair. Her eyes were a bright piencing shade of blue and her face had many scarrs, including one that raced from her right eyebrow to her chin. Freya was really short for her age, but her weight was fine for her hight. Her hands are rough and covered with scarrs. Most of her body had scarrs, from burns, whips, and being thrown on the floor by Miss. Skullbag.

Personality: Freya had a rough personalaty and never trusted anyone unless she knew them really well. Once she knows somone though, she's a really good friend. She acts like a boy usually, bus somtimes the girl in her peeps out. She always waits for last minute to finish things, and is horrible at making decisions. She smiles a lot, and laughs almost as much. All the people she knows thing she is the wierdest person on earth. Oh, and one more thing, she studders.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: Kietyn Summers

Which books in the series have you read so far?: All of them... twice

Sample Roleplay:
(It does not have to be from this site. It has to be at least a paragraph.)
Freya was skipping around and turning around like she mostly does. She stopped suddenly and found herself looking at a tall girl with light blonde hair. The girl said hi to Freya and asked her if she was new here. "Hi, I'm F-f-freya. Yeah, Im n-new here." She hated her studder, it made her sound so shy! Freya had tried to talk normal before though, and It never worked! Freya smiled at the blonde girl, she looked really nice, but Freya wouldn't rush into a friendship to quickly, thats how bad things happen.
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