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Post  Brianne Granger on Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:37 pm

Character's name: Cyrus Astapi (Cyrus meaning Leader Astapi meaning Lighining.)

Gender: Male

Species: Half-Blood

Location: Camp Halfblood

Date of Birth: April 23, 1997

History: Cyrus was born in Calfornia. He lived only with his mother in Carlsbad (L.A. area) Lived a nice life in a big house on the beach that his mother mysteriously received. Although he lived on the beach, Cyrus chose not to swim because the area was usually clouded over. At the age of 12, his mother rushed him off alone with only an airplane ticket to New York. There he met a satyr that told him he was a half-blood. The satyr named Adam led him to Camp Halfblood. Sadly the satyr was killed by a hellhound at the bottom of Halfblood hill. Cyrus wanted to help but felt powerless. Cyrus was injured by a hellhound leaving a slim scar on his otherwise perfect face. He's now 13, stronger bigger and smarter.

Appearance: 5'2 and 95 pounds. Cyrus is olive skinned and slim. He's got a lot of muscle and dresses emo/gangster. Cyrus wears LRG a lot and lots of blacks and blues. He has blue/green eyes and black hair. Cyrus has petite facial features and is very handsome. Cyrus has dark long eyelashes and is often ridiculed for it. People think he wears eyeliner even though he doesn't. Cyrus is very masculine looking.

Personality: Cyrus can be headstrong and arrogant a lot of times. Usually Cyrus is very sweet and great at making friends. He has a dark side that he usually keeps concealed. Cyrus often thinks he is stronger then he really is. He gets frustrated when he feels he is powerless and can't help. Looks out for friends and is VERY protective with girl friends.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: Laura, Summer and Athena from HBH

Which books in the series have you read so far?: Up to the end of Last Olympian

Sample Roleplay:
Cyrus dodged multiple attacks, trying to divert the beast's attention from Danii to him. Cyrus tried numerous times to have the beast kill itself, all failed attempts. The monster had gotten a large gash above Cyrus's right eye. It would probably result in a scar on Cyrus's near flawless face. Cyrus prayed that Danii would work her magic. Cyrus grew weaker by the second. Finally, Cyrus made a mistake. He over swung at the scorpion and the beast lifted Cyrus by his arm. Cyrus felt his arm snap under the pressure of the monster's claw. Cyrus screamed loudly and felt globs of red hot blood slowly drip down his arm. The scorpion tossed Cyrus on the ground where he whimpered in a pool of his own blood. Cyrus hugged his sword close to him and awaited the scorpion's final blow.

Cyrus drifted between consciousness as he coughed up heaves of blood. Cyrus prayed he would have safe travels to the underworld when suddenly he heard a large crash. Cyrus's eye's shot open and felt a other worldly adrenaline pour into him. Cyrus's eyes could barely focus on the scorpion, now crushed by a large tree. The beast squirmed around, trying to free itself. Cyrus slowly, and with great pain stood himself up. He put most of his weight onto his sword, which he was now using as a crutch. Cyrus stood at eye level with the crippled scorpion. "Thank you, whoever you are." Cyrus said as he slowly sunk his sword into the beast's brain.

Cyrus hobbled over to where he set down Danii. She was out cold, but still breathing. WIth the last sliver of Cyrus's strength, he lifted and fireman carried Danii. Cyrus was right on the edge of the woods when he collapsed, face first, onto the ground.

I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines:

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