Purpose for a fighter

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Purpose for a fighter Empty Purpose for a fighter

Post  Jeff Bentham on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:18 pm

Jeff was walking through the woods with a destination for once. He had heard about the rebel camp and he was going to join it. He was an recently claimed Ares kid and they were in desperate need of more forces so there was no way they would deny him. He had spend a few weeks at camp and he hated it. He met his sister once, she was weak. He did know why he was interested in her at first sight. Maybe he did know somewhere in his mind that she was his sister. He had met a few more people that interested him and a clash with them was going to be more likely given they were on the other side. Jeff felt as if joining the titan's was his purpose. He was smart and strong, they would be fools to deny him in their army. He wasn't going to be a weak little follower though. Jeff was a person that influenced others and he would never follow anyone. Jeff didn't have any weapons on him at the moment but he was going to get a sword. He would still fancy fighting with his hands but a sword was more lethal so he would need one. Jeff pressed on closer to the titan camp. This was it, this was his purpose.

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Purpose for a fighter Empty Re: Purpose for a fighter

Post  Georgie Daniels on Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:14 pm

Back in the forest again for Georgie Daniels. She was here once again because she was fed up with the many people in the Hermes cabin interupting her privacy. Sometimes it was okay for someone to talk to but most of the time, it was plain annoying. She had her dagger in her hand and was sharping it on a nearby stone. She touched the tip which drew blood. Perfect! Nice and sharp. She thought as she put it in it's pouch located on her leg. Just as she was about to relax, she saw a shadow approaching the place she was sitting. She crouched low and crawled to a bush to investigate the unknown person. It turned out to be someone she knew, Jeff. She smiled as she watched him walked off. Georgie stood up and didn't care about the dirt on her jeans. She quietly followed Jeff until they reached a clearing. "So, we meet again." She said as she approached Jeff. "What are you doing this far away from camp?" She asked.
Georgie Daniels
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