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Post  Artful O'Riley on Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:55 pm

Character's name:Artful O'Riley


half blood
Location:Camp half blood

Date of Birth:May22/1997

History:Artful lifed the life of a normal child untill he turned thirteen. Artful was thirteen when he found out he was a demigod. He had been at the store with his mom when the dude next to him grabbed Artful and threw him into a shelf. Scared and startled Artful ran. As he looked back he realized the man looked some what like a bull.Little did he know that the man had been a minotaur. Artful walked through Manhattan and lived on the streets for about a year. He was walking about when he saw the camp. He ran in and asked for some food when he was told he must of been a demigod i the minotaur attacked him. Artful decided it was safest for him to stay there which he does year round now.

Appearance:Artful has curly brown hair and light brown eyes. He is rather short and skinny.He has rather long fingers. He is slightly tan but not too tan. He normally wears a pair of lime green converse and a lime green cap.He prefers shorts and short sleeved shirts to sweaters.

Personality:Artful is very out going and bubbly. He isn't afraid to be infront of large crowds and talk to many people. He gets excited easily and scared easily. He is normally happy and hyper. He loves people and tries to make new friends at any chance he gets. He can't tell when people ae lieing to him and he hardly ever lies. He enjoys other people like him. He loves color and art.

Other Information-none

How did you find out about us?: Sum-er.. Cammy told me about it.

Which books in the series have you read so far?:all of them

Sample Roleplay:
Joey had been very bored all day. He hadn't brought his sketch pad with him on his walk , and he was beginning to wish he had it. He started to sing "Fergalicious" to himself when he saw the ampitheater and walked in."Cool,"he said.
It had been the first time he had saw it. He hadn't been at camp for long and was looking around. He started to sing "Poker Face" a little bit louder than he had been singing earlier,when he saw a girl. 'Well that's kinda embarrassing,'he thought to himself.
"Hi I'm Joey" he said. He had been meeting many people since he got here. He liked people so that was fine with him. He walked a little closer to the girl then asked "Whats your name?". He hummed to himself quietly while he waited for an answer. He wondered if he was interupting something that she was doing.
He looked at his bare feet and moved his toes. He was feeling rather hyper that day and started to rock back in forth on his heels.

I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines:
Yes or no

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Post  Cammy Astraia on Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:57 pm

That sucked... a lot..

Accepted! Very Happy

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