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Character Information

Character's name: Bella Grace

Gender: Female

Species: Demigod

Location: Bella grew up in South Amboy, New Jersey, but was recently moved to an orphange in NY.

Date of Birth: May 25th 1992

History: Bella was abandoned on the doorstep of a house where she was beaten until the age of 8 when child protective services took her and her 2 brothers away. The kids were taken to a local orphanage and the 2 boys were adopted immedietaly but for some reason no one wanted Bella. When the orphange lost funding they transferred all the kids to an orphange in New York this was when Bella was 12. Thats where she lived til recently when she turned 16 the orphange could legally let her go on her own. Bella followed her heart and ended up at this unknown camp. Afraid and nervous though she knew the feeling was telling her this is right where she belongs. She tip toes into the camp. Other kids in the previous orphanges would tease her because she had adhd and other issues, which made her the weird one. Although Bella looks to the light and good in her life and future, and hopefully is at the right place.

Appearance: Bella has medium blonde color hair. With pale angelic soft skin. Bella has perfect soft lips. Bella has dark hazel eyes. Bella stands 5 foot 8 inches and weighs 110 lbs. with a slim bone structure. She's typically dressed very chic yet innocent.

Personality: Bella is somewhat shy but very outgoing. She is soft and really polite. She is somewhat a daredevil yet she's extremely cautions. Bella looks at the beatuy in life and what life has to offer. Bella's very optimistic. And she hates to hurt anyones feelings. Bella speaks in almost a whisper so that she doesnt offend anyone and she's really emotional.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: Annabeth on Nico

Which books in the series have you read so far?: Lightening Theif

Sample Roleplay:
Emma walked out of the moonlight cafe. She stood outside the door inhaling the warm crisp air and feeling the soft radiating heat from the air around her. Emma looked around noticing the busy streets filled with taxi's and buses, then she turned and noticed the people around the cafe. Emma felt awake and alive and ready to start her day, she had a fairly good morning. She woke up positive, took a rejuvenating shower, and then wandered to this cafe where she liked to have her daily coffee and bagel. Now Emma was just shuffling through her thoughts in her mind of what she wanted to do next. After having coffee she typically liked to take fuve minutes standing outside, taking in her surroundings to contemplate what her day may consist of. 'Hmm, maybe the gym?' Emma thought in her mind. Then Emma looked down to her feet which she was shuffling along the ground, she noticed tiny pebbles in the sidewalk which didnt seem to fit the rest of the scenery. Emma had gone to this cafe many times before thought she had never noticed this. Emma continued in her thoughts about the pebbles and how she liked that it was imperfect to the local scenery, she felt the pebbles resembled her in her life. Emma had begun rambling in a whisper out loud and unaware that she had been doing it. She got so caught up witht the pebbles and her thoughts. After discovering her mumbling Emma felt instantly embarrased by the fact that others may have noticed this and began thinking she was crazy. Emma again looked down to the stones and become comparing her life to them.

I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines:

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