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Skyler Burchill Star3 Character's Name: Skyler Burchill

Skyler Burchill Star3 Gender: Male

Skyler Burchill Star3 Species: Half Blood

Skyler Burchill Star3 Location: Newark, New Jersey

Skyler Burchill Star3 Date of Birth: November 18th, 1994

Skyler Burchill Star3 History: Skyler grew up in a large and lush neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey, predominately the rich parts of that town. At a very young age he was put in etiquette lessons, and was raised to be a polite and generous young man. But did he listen? He didn't. This was because he lacked a father figure, and he lived with his mother, who lived in a mansion with her parents who had made it off when they were younger - and she had given birth to this sole child, Skyler.

Skyler was never the kid that followed the rules, and he ways always the one that had done abnormal things. Albeit, the "black sheep" of his class. On field trips, he often lingered away to do things. Like, on a trip to the aquarium in the third grade, he managed to sneak into the shark tank and tried to swim with the sharks. That shark bite is how he got a large scar on his leg, which he claims as his mark of war. It still marks his body from when he was 8 years old.

His thoughts of running away from home started at the age of 8, after getting that shark bite. He didn't want to be held down anymore, or attempted to be "proper". His parents were trying everything to get him to be normal, but he simply refused. He threw things at the psychologist, kicked over vases in the charm school that he was forced to attend, and he was finally sent to Boot Camp at age 12 - something that he hated.

When he was finally given a Christmas vacation to go home, he packed his bags and finally fled the house. He never looked back, and he simply kept going throughout New Jersey. He had stolen a bunch of money from his grandparents, so that he could buy food when he wanted. He set up fires and make-shift campsites in the woods, until he got as far along as New York - where he decided it was far enough. He had been traveling for weeks and weeks, and he knew that authorities were looking for him.

By his thirteen birthday, he had nearly been caught, but, he stealthy evaded capture but fell right into the hands of the Titan's. At first, he didn't know anything about them but they intercepted him before Camp Half Blood did, and he was immediately fed information about how horrible Camp Half Blood was, and how bad the gods were and how he was a demigod. After realizing this, and how his potential godly parent abandoned him, he is currently set out to take out Camp Half Blood. His weapon is currently a dagger made of celestial bronze that has a compartment for a lethal poison in the handle part.

Skyler Burchill Star3 Appearance: Skyler is very tall, and he has a muscular build, as he has broad shoulders and abs. He has measured himself to be at 6 feet tall exactly, due to wanting to have armor that fit him well, and he also weights 190 pounds, which is a normal weight of both muscle and build. Skyler has a heart shaped face, with his defined cheekbones running up the side of his face. His eyes are olive green, which he doesn't know where they come from, and he assumes from his unknown parent. He has a "greek" nose and thin lips, his face surrounded by light stubble all around. His hair is almost always arranged into a mohawk, the most distinct feature about him. He has had one since he was six years old, cutting his hair like that after a person he saw on television. His clothes contain a dark muscle shirt, army camoflauge cargo pants, and black combat boots. He finds them comfortable, stylish and battle-able.

Skyler Burchill Star3 Personality: Skyler has always had a rebel-like personality. He never does what is expected of him, and doesn't take to listening to anybody that he doesn't respect. And he doesn't respect most people - as he treats even the highest of authority with disrespect. He is on the bad side of most of the gods, as he had spat on Zeus' shrine once while on a scouting mission. While he is a great and perceptive battler, he lacks in book smarts and logic. He often cancels out logical explanations, and goes straight to the battling. Although, he does make up for what he lacks in common strategy and battle smarts. One of his major flaws is his bad ability to trust. He doesn't trust anybody easily, so in return, he doesn't let people trust himself. He can trust somebody, but it will take a long process for him to lie his trust in somebody. He's paranoid about things like that, and still believes that somebody could be authorities in disguise to take him to Newark.

Skyler Burchill Star3 How did you find out about us: An advertisement on The Hill

Skyler Burchill Star3 Which books in the series have you read so far: All of them.

Skyler Burchill Star3 Sample Roleplay: Chris flickered his eyes open, laid across the rather uncomfortable loft. It took him all night, but he still couldn't sleep. Why? He didn't trust some of the guys enough to hold off a monster, or wake them up. They could all probably be dead by the time. There was no doubt that they were well trained fighters, but Chris assumed most of them never had a real monster encounter in the real world, instead of the set ones at camp. Chris drummed his fingers lightly against the side of his loft, and wondered if they had a shower. It was not going to be nice living with so many guys without showers, so if there wasn't one, Chris was probably going to drown himself in cologne everyday.

From the corner of his eye he caught a faint movement of a body. He adjusted himself so that he was on his side and saw Keaton groggily getting up. Morning already? He sighed and decided it would be good to go, and wiped his eyes free. Giving a quick crack of his knuckles, he saw Keaton flow out of the hallway and he stepped down, careful not to step on anybody. He threw on sweatpants and a random T-shirt and slid his feet into some sneakers. A simple comb or two in his hair and and grabbing a Nature Valley gronola bar he managed to snag from a vendors stand, he walked out chewing on it casually. He pushed himself against the shadows, allowing the shadows to consume his body and sneakily hide him.

It was his technique for being sneaky and evading, and he took a quick lunge forward, and darted across the side of warehouses and set up boxes. He couldn't get caught, or they'd be in some type of trouble. He knelt down by a nearby box, his eyes darting to the left and right and he took careful crouches forward and arrived at the front of the Warehouse. Quickly he polished off the bar and waited, leaning against a wall and closing his eyes while the other guys chatted. Soon enough, Keaton arrived and Cyrus pitched suggestions. Chris calmly raised an eyebrow.

"Shouldn't we split up into certain warehouses? And people get some things...? I'd gladly do furniture, but I'm definitely not puling a couch along myself." He raised an eyebrow and looked over the warehouses, wondering which one was for furniture.

Skyler Burchill Star3 I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines: Yes
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