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Danger- Titan Camper Empty Danger- Titan Camper

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Character's name:
Dangereuse Parthenopaeus


Half-Blood(Titan Camper)

Half-Blood Hill

Date of Birth:
October 31, 1993

Dangereuse was born…The End
Dangereuse was born in a small hospital in Montana or so says her aunt. She doesn’t know anything about either of her parents and her Aunt never told her anything worthwhile she would say, “I am your Aunt your mom died in a car crash because of a drunk driver and your dad was sent to death row in jail because he killed people.” Though sometimes Dangereuse wondered if her Aunt was that drunk driver but she thinks that that’s insane. She grew up with her Drunk Aunt and from that she learned how to fight enrolling in fencing classes and martial arts behind her aunts back so that she didn’t have to worry about an outraged aunt attacking her and not being able to defend herself. It wasn’t until the day of her 15th birthday that she found out about her being a demigod that was because another demigod, who was working under the Titan’s command, told her after she was attacked by a fury that claimed to hold a grudge against her parents. She demanded answers from the other demigod and she got them with a little persuasion. Now the titan camper started to recruit her with the grudge she now held against her own mother or father for them letting her live with the so called aunt if she was her blood aunt or not she didn’t care anymore. James, the titan camper, nicknamed her Danger because one he couldn’t pronounce her name and two she had given him a pretty bad beating. Then he led her to the camp for the demigods telling her not to talk about the titans. She simply smirked and followed him there.

Danger has long black hair which she changes often into black with multicolor streaks and piercing sky blue. She stands at 5’8” and weighs 137 lb with high cheek bones and a rather narrow face. The one noticeable marking on her face is a long narrow scar running down her left eye down to the corner of her mouth. The none noticeable marking is the Japanese kajins for love and pain tattooed in blue on her back between her shoulder blades almost always covered up. Why she has is she prefers not to tell for either the tattoo’s or scar. Her body is well built with a good amount of muscle. Despite what she tries to hide she is really pretty but she hides that behind what she wears. She always dresses either gothic, tomboyish or like a biker just depending on her mood. When she does want to get dressed up though she goes full out hair, make-up, dress, shoes, nails(which by the way are long, strong, and pointed). Absolutely everything…She is the true Belladonna: Beautiful and deadly.

Danger is extremely serious and mature for her age, and has great self-control. She has excellent instincts, both on the battlefield and as a leader. When forced to make difficult decisions she shows herself capable to make a decision through keen observation and analysis. While under the belief that her father had died because he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Danger concluded that fate is something decided at birth and that no matter what one does, people cannot escape their destiny. Danger often applies this to people she viewed as weaker than herself. She is easily enraged if someone tries to tell her different from what she believes and will attack unless someone is there to stop her and even then she accuses them of giving the other person special treatment because they can’t defend themselves against her. Danger often disregards people’s personal growth and if they lose to her in battle she will call them a failure no matter who they beat. A failure will always be a failure to her.
Danger, after hearing about her parents stories when she was young…and her drunk aunt didn’t help much either, became emotionally withdrawn, all but silent, and consumed with a bitter loathing for everyone but herself. Due to who she was raised by she picked up traits, like being merciless, ruthless, and never backing down to have things end up in her favor. However being a half-blood she was different, she was lonely and desired to be liked, loved, and acknowledged as an individual, free of others' prejudices but all they knew was that she was different. Now although Danger is ruthless and will attack until her opposite at the time falls to the ground she is extremely loyal and will stop at nothing to protect her allies/’friends’ call them allies cause until she is shown that destiny can be changed and that she can love more than herself everyone is just a puppet in a game of life and she doesn’t deserve friends.

Other Information-
How did you find out about us?:
Which books in the series have you read so far?:
All, until the new one comes out
Sample Roleplay: ((Xirena Adolphus from DOD))
Someone had approached behind Xirena making her head twitch to look at the girl who stood behind her, well maybe not behind her more like to the side of her. By what she said Xirena was able to make the assumption that she was a child of Nike. Well a child of Victory would surly be a helpful gift along the quest. Xirena found herself looking back around the crowd seeing all kinds of demigods gathered wanting to give their input hoping to join.

A yawn escaped her mouth as Issac drew her attention back to The Big House but only for a few seconds because he left to go consult the oracle. She tilted her head, why would he ask who thought they should go and why and then go consult with the oracle. Shaking her head she kicked up some dirt off the ground. Looking around analyzing the dimming light. Silence surrounded everyone while they waited for his return. It was rather boring standing there waiting in anticipation for an announcement. She shrugged her shoulders and ended up staring at Chiron. Centaurs were rather interesting but what drew her attention was that he was wearing curlers in his tail.

It seemed like hours had passes when Issac had reappeared and Xirena felt like walking away but he walked through the door. Reciting what the Oracle had told him to Chiron. She started zoning in on the curlers again as soon as words left Issac's lips. Though as soon as he said: 'A child of death.' her attention was caught and she moved her gaze to lock on the son of Zeus. He pointed to her and Felicity saying their names. Xirena was in shock and excitement. She was actually going to be on a quest, even though it was with a son of Zeus maybe her father would be proud. She twitched her hand and listen whole heartedly and undistracted to the rest of the Prophecy that way she could tell what they would be doing.

"What do you guys think?" Issac asked. Xirena stood in silence for a minutes thinking about exactly what to say. Then Felicity spook up giving her a few more seconds to think even though she really didn't have much to add to it, "You have the Hades Alliance. A possibly perilous quest sounds like a fun journey. When do we leave?" she asked looking down at her pajama's and bear feet. She'd need to change and pack her weapons. Other then that she couldn't think of much, she had the prophecy in her head and the just of what the quest was about.
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