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Name: Isaac Garner

Spieces: Demigod

Birthday: 3rd January 1997

History: Isaac used to live with his Father in the Sunny State of Arizona. They had several pets including a Cat, a Dog, 2 Guinea Pigs and a Squirrell. He went to a small school down the road from his Apartment, and had the usual amount of friends. He had two girlfriends in Year 6. When he reached High School, he gained a girlfriend and stuck with her for the year and a little longer until he was attacked. Of course, to eeryone else he had just disappeared, and so she assumed that she had been dumped. Isaac didn't dwell on it. Anyway, Isaac was walking down the street on his way home, alone, when suddenly a Cerecope (magnicifently mischeious Monkey) jumped from a bush and snarled at him. Before it had chance to spit, Ezekiel Spinner from his class jumped in with a sword and shoved it through the beast's heart. Strangely enough, it burst into ashes. One of Ezekiel's shoes had fallen off to reveal hooves. He fainted and woke up in the Infirmary where he was told everything.

Canon or Original(Self excplanitory): Original

Personality: Isaac loves animals and they love him back. He enjoys sitting back and either stroking or playing with a furry critter. He also knows pretty much every plant which is edible, is inedible, heals, poisons and stings. His Father taught him most of the things he knows, such as how if one plant heals from another then it will do in reverse. For example, a Nettle sting can be cured by a wet Dock leaf, but if you eat a Dock leaf the best cure is Nettle Soup or Tea. He has a rubish memory for some tings, but for other things it is crystal clear. He isn't the brightest star in the sky, but knows when to pick a fight and when not to. He has ADHD and Dyslexia.

Apperance: Isaac has dark hair which he sometimes spikes up a bit. He has brown eyes and no freckles. He has a scar on his stomach from when he was taking fencing classes at Primery school and the weirdo Fencing Teacher ending up sticking sword up his back. He's kind of pale. He is slightly muscled and average height for his age.

Sample Roleplay: Jay walked slowly towards Cabin 11. He felt kind of nervous, but knew that it would pass. It always did. His black Converse tred on the grass and flattened it as he moved on towards his home for at least the next few days. He'd just awoken and been told about Camp by Isaac, who seemed to know practically everything about it. The Son of Zeus had pointed out where he was to stay and then gone off murmuring about Aphrodite. Jay's ADHD pointed out how many times Isaac had touched his hair and how the guy had smelled of Sherbet, which was quite strange.

When Jay finally reached the Cabin, he stepped in after wiping the mud from his shoes and shoving the bag back onto his shoulder. He saw a few people sat down, a dark haired girl who looked a bit older then him and a blonde girlwho made his heart do a total backflip. He tried to stray his eyes from her and dropped his bag on a patch of floor right next to the wall. He didn't want to take the bunks from any Hermes children who actualy belonged there. He then got a proper look at the girl. She was smokin' hot! She had blonde hair and grey eyes. She she had nice skin and smelled like cherrys. He shuffled towards her and the girl she was talking to, but not to close.


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