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Post  Georgie Daniels on Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:09 pm

Character's name: Georgie Daniels

Gender: Female

Species: Demigod

Location: Mianus... XD

Date of Birth: 29th August 1995

History: This teenage girl grew up in a family which was loving and caring. She had her loving mom and her cheeky brother, Tom. She didn’t mind when her brother was annoying to her, she just remembered how lucky she was to have a family like hers when others weren’t so lucky. Georgie did have a dad but he died in a fatal accident during a plan ride home due to a leak. She had loved her father but she knew he was in another place, somewhere he can be safe. When her father died, no one wanted to tell her brother about their dad so Georgie broke it to him.

She did find out that she was a half blood at the age of eleven but was fed up of being unclaimed so she lived back with her mom again. But things turned from bad to worst. Georgie’s anger from camp effected the way she was at home. She kept having constant mood swings and having many arguments with her mother. Fed up with life itself, she ran away from home and lived on the streets. Georgie found many demigods like her and ended up tagging along but she didn’t know they were evil. They were planning to join the Titan’s army and over throw Olympus. No matter how much she hated her god parent, she could betray them and become evil. Georgie left the group and made her way back to camp to tell everyone about the uprising. She is now back at camp and not liking it much, as per usual.

Appearance: Georgie had always been told that she was very pretty. By the time she left camp for the first time, she was 5'6" and slightly muscular. Her long brown hair and bright brown eyes go along with her kind face. Hardly seen without a happy but slightly mischievous grin, it meant she was going to scream or stomp away. Though the one thing she is vain about is her hair, she rarely has it down, and prefers a high pony-tail stuck through a plain red baseball cap her dad gave her. Georgie usually wears dark blue jeans, blank colored t-shirts, and any shoes whether it’s her sneakers or her converses.

Personality: When she went to camp for the first time, she was a cheerful girl with a big smile on her face and not a care in the world. At the age of eleven, she was very well mannered and very polite. But when she left camp, she became moody and her anger became very clear in certain situations. Running away from home made her a strong, confident girl who wouldn’t put up with anyone. Realizing what she had left behind made her lonely. Georgie wanted to move back to camp to make her happy again but she knew the likely-hood of her being happy again, would be very slim.

Other Information- Georgie will make friends but she has to gain the trust of people first

How did you find out about us? HBH

which books in the series have you read so far? All of them

Sample Role-play:
The brown haired teenage nightmare sat on her bunk that was well worn in the Hermes cabin. She had missed it for a while but when she came back to it, she didn’t want it. She had her father’s baseball in her hands and threw it at the wall, catching it before it flew to the ground. The thought of being bored struck her mind and she sat up immediately and rubbed her eyes. All those nights she had missed were starting to catch up on her. Yawning and stretching, Georgie jumped off the bed and picked up her GHD straightners. She started to straighten the waves that were in her hair. Her hair was one important piece on Georgie’s head and she never liked anyone to touch it. She was worse than the Aphrodite kids. Placing the hot straightners on her bunk she placed a hoodie over her head, sprayed hairspray on her head and headed outside, to face the uninteresting world.

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Post  Cammy Astraia on Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:19 pm

accepted ^^ (:

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