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Character's name: Ardella Mccalvin

Gender: Female

Species: Demigod

Location: Over teh rainbow

Date of Birth: October 31, 1995

History: Ardella never knew who her birth mother and father were, from what she had been told they had wanted her, but they were too young and couldn't afford it. To put it simply she had been an accident and her mother couldn't afford to have an abortion so she had been placed on the doorstep of some orphanage. The only thing Ardella had wished her parents had done was done a bit of research on the orphanage. She could remember when she was only 5, being told horrible stories about her parents and why they didn't want her. They were things that made other children cry, herself included, but she knew that they were lies. Luckily enough she only spent the first 6 years of her life there, more than half of it was forgotten.

The Mccalvin's took in Ardella as a 6 year old. They had come in looking for the cutest little kid who they thought would be a piece of cake to raise. They wanted their child to be everything and be so talented, these were things Ardella was not. Believing that she would be the one that they could transform into someone who was amazing at everything and had no flaws, they took her in. When the papers were signed and everything was set up, she was taken to their home thinking she would be well loved. About a week after she had been brought to their house, her new parents tried to teach her to read. They were disappointed to soon figure out that she had Dyslexia, but they tried anyway. They tried and tried for months and the most she could read at a time was maybe three pages of a children's book while most other children were able to read a full children's book on their own. She had been scolded slightly, and her parents were disappointed.

At school Ardella ended up being at the bottom of her class. The Mccalvins would give her a bit of a smile and ask if she had tried. When she said that she had they would nod and say it was okay. One night while she had a bad dream, she went running towards their room at about 10. She reached the door, but heard them talking and stopped. They were talking about her and how she hadn't been doing good enough. Tears began to form in her eyes when she realized they were really disappointed in her. She ran off to suffer through the night alone in her own bed.

When Ardella was 7 they tried to teach her how to ride a bike. They tried to start off slow, but even with the training wheels on she was not able to get the bike rolling. She would either end up falling off or scraping her knee. She would try so hard, in fear of disappointing her parents again, but she just couldn't do it. The few times that she actually could get the bike rolling, she would get distracted by a car driving by or someone talking in the distance.

Over and over the Mccalvins tried and tried to find what Ardella was good at, but it seemed there was nothing she could do. They tried just about every sport and every hobby, but she couldn't seem to do anything. By the time she was 13 they had given up and let her know it. Ardella had always tried to please them, especially when she knew that they were disappointed. She just seemed like a failure at life. Eventually she became afraid to try. Finally by the age of 14 her parents told her what they had been told when they adopted her. She was not fully mortal and that they were supposed to bring her to this camp and that would be where she would stay for the rest of her life. Ardella bawled when she learned this because she did love the Mccalvins as if they were her birth parents and she didn't want to leave them. What she didn't know was that they were lying to her, she only had to go in the Summer. Now she has been dropped off at Camp with a quick and final goodbye to the Mccalvins.

Appearance: Ardella has blonde hair with what seems like streaks of brown in it. Her hair comes a bit past her shoulders and she has bangs stopping right above her dark brown eyes. Her skin is tan although she doesn't like the outdoors. She has a permanent look on her face that seems as if she's afraid of letting down whoever standing in front of her. She is very skinny, but not athletic at all. There are no freckles on her face and she always stands with one hand across her body holding tight to her other arm.

The Mccalvins always tried to make her look her best by buying her whatever they thought would look nice on her. She usually wears a graphic t-shirt and skinny jeans with a pair of colourful converse. If she was to actually choose what she was to wear she would've chosen something much looser and more comfortable.

Personality: Ardella is extremely shy and usually stands in the background. She's afraid of letting anyone into her life because she's scared that they'll be disappointed in her even if she tries her hardest. She can't help but expect to fail because she's never had any true support and she's never successfully done anything. She wouldn't even know how to react about having a friend because she's never successfully attained one. Most of the time she keeps herself locked up and away from everyone.

Ardella doesn't have any hobbies except for colouring in a colouring book and adding her own little designs to them. They never turn out great, but it's the only thing she's ever been able to almost attempt according to the Mccalvins. The truth was that she could take a design in a colouring book and turn it so everyone would 'wow' at it. This was her secret passion, but after the Mccalvins looked down upon it she stopped trying to show them and always thought her art looked awful. She doesn't do this often though. To be honest she'd be the closest to happy just sitting in the corner alone, doing nothing for the rest of her life. She would never tell anyone, but every now and then while she was at the Mccalvins she would become so upset with herself she would cut her wrists as self punishment. Nobody would ever ask because they would never care. She was seemingly invisible to everyone so why would they notice a scar on her wrist?

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: You XP

Which books in the series have you read so far?: All

Sample Roleplay: In the corner of the Hermes cabin a girl with blonde hair rested her head against the wall. Her deep brown eyes were staring at the wooden walls. Her knees were pulled up against her chest and her arms wrapped around them. If she was alone, tears would have been falling down her cheeks. The Mccalvins had told the girl that she had to stay at the camp forever. The girl knew they were disappointed in her, and she knew she was a failure, but she loved them none the less.

The girl's name was Ardella and never before had she been so alone in a crowded room. She didn't care about where she was, that didn't hurt her. She just wished that the room had been empty when she entered. At least then she would've been able to cry and wallow in self-pity. The knife she was carrying around began to burn a hole in her pocket. She needed to be punished for not being good enough. Swallowing hard, Ardella looked at one of her wrists. The scars wouldn't be there if she could actually do something right. Now she wouldn't even be there at the stupid camp if she could have done something, anything right. The one thing she failed to do was live.

Ardella sat there in the corner waiting for the rest of her life to pass. If no one was to bother her then she could go about her days as planned. As she placed her hand back around her knees, she hugged them closer to her and her eyes went back to the wall. Her lips were turned down in a frown. Well at least I can't disappoint someone here, she thought. Suddenly, someone approached her.

"Are you alright?" the person had asked. Ardella didn't even look up to see who it might've been. She kept the same expression and her lips barely moved when she spoke, "I'm fine." Her words had come out more as a mutter, so she wouldn't have been surprised if the other person hadn't heard her. She wouldn't repeat it, but even though she wouldn't somewhere in the back of her mind she wanted the person to stay. Even though she wouldn't reply much, just having someone talking directly to her and only her, making an attempt to make her feel better. She could predict it already though, the person would end up walking away like everyone else. Nobody cared for Ardella.

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