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Post  Brianne Granger on Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:29 pm

Character's name: Jeff Bentham

Gender: Male

Species: Demi-god

Location: Camp Half-blood, originaly from London.

Date of Birth: 01-03-1997

(The history, appearance, and personality sections must be at least five sentences. Third person, please.)

History: Jeff was always a fighter. In London he needed to take care of himself to survive and he did exaclty that. He learned how to fight with his fists just from fighting and getting beaten up a lot. Jeff ran away from home and lived on the streets untill he left for America through some rather nasty illigal imigration services. He ended up in New York where he lived on the streets for about five weeks untill he got taken to this camp a few miles away from the city.

Appearance:v Jeff has dark brown hair and dark eyes. He usually looks tired because he barely sleeps. He dresses in casual jeans a t-shirt and a jumper from time to time. He always wears a dark silver ring which he stole from the first guy he beat up. Jeff has a stabbing scar on his left shoulder from a severe knife wound, also he always has bruises all over his body from picking fights.

Personality: Jeff loves fighting. He has learned how to fight in London to defend himself but he has come to love fighting and inflicting pain on others. He trusts no one and relies only on himself which has caused him to barely have any friends. He is quite selfish and agresive which is more from the way he grew up then his personality used to be. Fights have made him turn bitter and he has stopped caring about what others think.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?:

Athena/Brianne told me about it on HBH

Which books in the series have you read so far?:

Lightning thief till The last Olympian. Not the demigod files nor the guide.

Sample Roleplay:
It’s a part from roleplaying on HBH

Jake walked over to the big house with his Ipod blazing. It was playing I want to break free by Queen, and whenever he heard Queen he remembered that in the big house there was this huge boom box and he could connect his Ipod to it. When Dionysus wasn't around Jake always went there and played tunes untill he pissed someone off and got kicked out. When Jake walked in the big house he saw a woman stand in the room near the boom box. Jake had never seen her before, but he felt a certain energy come from her. A certain power that he couldn't explain. He had felt it when his dad was around, and slightly with Dionysus but not as intense as this. Jake was on his guard, whoever this woman may have been she was powerfull. "Hello, can I help you miss?" Jake asked. He wanted to know why she was here before he did anything.

I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines:
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