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Character's name: Alexandra Wolfar

Gender: female

Species: half-blood, huntress of Artemis

Location: New York

Date of Birth: 7.June 1993

What do I have? Dyslexia and ADHD?
This day was actually a big shock for her. Since then, she was really really on her own, for she had spoken with anybody really. She was just 7 years old. Her mother was the only person with whom she could talk yet. She has tried to help Alexandra with anything she needed. In the time they had actually built up the biggest attachment to her mother.

She does not come back again.
Alexandra was 10 years old. A few days after her birthday, her mother had a serious car accident. The whole time she stayed with her in the hospital. Alexandra did not want to leave. Then, in the middle of the night, she was woke up by one of the sisters. She was asleep and had not noticed that they had taken away her mother. Quickly asked the girl, where she was and all she learned was, "It does not come back." At first she could not understand what it all meant. She thought her mother had just left, and Alexandra was left there alone. Only when her father showed up, she was told that she had died. This broke her heart. She swallowed the pain and grief. But feelings can not keep forever and it was pretty violent, because the pain over the loss of her mother she had saved some still are.

You shall know the truth.
Well, it was not the whole truth, which has told her by her father. Alexandra just did not know it. He had told her, namely, that she was conceived by a single night together with her mother. After that there was never anything between her mother and father. Well, that part is true, too, only that their father was not the one for whom she held him. He also told her that her mother had never been with another man. Again correctly. Alexandra just thought she would never have cheated. But she would have never thought that her mother never had something with her ineviatalbe father. But she was quite proud of their dead mother.

Ancient Greek for Beginners, but what am I?
She had, thanks to her father, Latin in school. One day her teacher had the idea, they could but once see ancient Greek. This idea was not well received in the class, but she did anyway. She presented a text, and Alexandra watched it even less time. She was afraid that her dyslexia would once again stop her from reading anything. But after the teacher hed told her to have a look on the page, she did it. After a while Alexandra was able to read the text without having actually had a clue how. But she concealed it, just like everything she had concealed about her.

a special meeting
This was actually the date on which she began to forget her pain. It was a few days after her 17th Birthday. She just went around in a park, her father was working. So she had all day for herselves. She sat down under a tree and was about to close her eyes as she saw her. At first she did not recognize her. But it seemed that she was looking for Alexandra. It was Artemis. She sat down beside her and they began, after the girl became more open, to talk. They talked about everything, and then she told me who she was. First, Alexandra had laughed at her and asked if she was probably sent by their classmates to f*** her. She tried to persuade with words, but she could not. When she showed Alexandra her silver bow and she had looked at is, she knew that this was no lie. From then on, she believed everything. Suddenly the goddess offered to Alexandra, she could be one of her hunters. Glad she jumped up and of course immediately said yes. She was also ready on the spot to swear allegiance to the goddess. She had no problem canceling the men. She was actually one of her hunters, and she felt for the first time in a long well again. Artemis almost immediately replaced the hole that had been in her heart.

Attack of the Monster
It was really not so long ago since she was added at Artemis hunters, when she was first attacked. She had moved away a little of the group. she had this sense of community the hunters have not developed strongly. Actually, she still does not have it. At any rate they were traveling in a wooded area. Suddenly she came upon a Empruse in its wolf form. She did not notice Alexandra immediately, but then she quickly turned her head to look at her and attacked her. Fortunately, she was not so far away from the other hunters so they could rush quickly to the rescue her. She did not know if she would have defeated the Empruse it alone. She began to train harder so that she could also defend herselve if she was forced to do so. She also understood why for the hunters the community was so important, even if it is still really hard for her.

What kind of camp?
It was only a few days after when she was first told about camp demigod. She was pretty down when she heard of it. Alexandra did not understand why they had not said anything. She immediately went to Artemis and begged her to let Alexandra go there. She saw in the camp a chance to improve her skills. First was the goddess against it, but since she did not stopped the goddess said she could go if she wanted. She was really happy about it, but had yet to think for a short time. She did not wanted to leave the other hunters, but she knew that she needed to be fully trained to help the others. And then she had also heared rumors of what was going on at the camp and decided that they would need every help they could get. So she got ready for her departure to the camp. She went alone.

Alexandra has brown-grey-green eyes, that fits perfect to her face. Her hair is long and has a light brown to brown colour. She ist not really big, her hight is 5' 9''. Her weight is 70 kg. You can see muscles, but they are not really big. Around her whole body is the silver shimer of the Artemis hunters.
Normally she wears the leather armory of the hunters. She always has with her the silver bow and arrows and the hunting knive. When she is alone and nobody should have a clue who she is, she likes to wear a brown, black or white T-Shirt and jeans.

She is actually totally in love with nature. And so she is happy to go somewhere where are many trees and flowers and grasses. But somehow she always had a passion for the fight. Well, actually, sword and archery. But somehow she likes also metal a lot and can build things good. Through these passions, she became more withdrawn and shy. Her father had never allowed that she learned these things. He always told her she should just concentrate on school, nothing more.
Yes, the school. Alexandra has always had problems in learning. Her father always claimed that she was just too lazy. She would spend too much time outside, and thus forget her homework. Really, this is not true. She had always tried and tried as best as she can to learn.
If she once had no desire to learn and she could not go outside, then she grab a book. Most anything that even remotely connected with the Greek gods and heroes. This she has always been very enthusiastic.
Alexandra has no real friends. She was always the outsider. Sometimes the others liked to trick her by liking he. If someone was really interested in Alexandra, then the other girls have usually managed that it was not for long. They should also have been a little jealous.
Now a little bit of the negative reactions. Alexandra is actually pretty hotheaded. Although Alexandra has herself under control and would not beat anyone who annoys her, but sometimes she wants to do it. She also want to shout at the others when she has enought of them
So, now back to the jealousy. She can not understand why. For her own opinion, she is not a beauty to which others must be jealous.

Other Information-

How did you find out about us?: you told me

Which books in the series have you read so far?: The lightning thief, sea of monsters, titanĀ“s curse, battle of the labyrinth

Sample Roleplay: (this one is a post from an avatar rpg)
Trira had helped Akio in the earth kingdom to defeat the rebellions. Now she went to the elemental nation. She had seen that the people would need her, but she also had found out that she had to train much more. For an avatar she knew too little. She had also an other problem. Many people might know her now, which was not really good. So Trira went to the elemental nation, because she hoped that she would find there some place where nobody knows her and where she could stay for a while. She was so much in thought, that she did not saw the landscpe and the people that passed her.

I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines:

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