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Post  Cammy Astraia on Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:50 pm

Character's name:Brianne Granger


Species: demi-god

Location: Camp Half-Blood

Date of Birth: 2/15/96

History:As far back as Bri could remember she was in an orphanage in London.She always asked the caretakers about her past but they never told her anything except one of her parents gave her a necklace with a star pendant on it, Bri's good luck charm. Bri didn't have many friends...more like no friends. Brianne's only friend was a boy named Daniel that she met at one of her many, many schools. Everybody at the orphanage thought she was a freak because she had ADHD and dyslexia. But she always felt something was special about her. Years passed, people got adopted and strange things happened that she couldn't explain. On her fourteenth birthday she knew she would never be adopted. Later that day she saw some huge dog outside her window. Bri walked outside to where she saw the dog, it was still there and it looked hungry. Immediately her hand flew to her necklace and to her surprise it transformed into a celestrial bronze sword. She swiped at the whatever-it-is, as she called it, but it was quicker and gave her a scar on her forearm.Bri swiped again and thank goodness she slashed the monster, a few seconds later it evaporated. When it dissapeared Daniel came, treated her wounds and told her the truth... she was demigod. He also told her what she fought was a Hellhound. Eversince that day she named her sword " Hound" after her first monster. Dan then escorted her to Camp-Half-Blood.

Appearance:Bri has curly,medium length, honey golden.Her eyes are bright blue. She has freckles from cheekbone to cheekbone.She wears more rokerish clothes than anything else. You can always see her wearing a pair of sneakers.

Personality:Bri is very outgoing but since nobody likes her she dosen't express herself often. She is a natural leader, whenever her school had a group project she always envied the leader. Once Bri fought the Helhound she was never afraid of anything, she was fearless. Brianne was not the " smartest one" in the class or her classes, dyslexia and ADHD definately slowed her down. Most of all Bri is very loyal and takes everything on headfirst.

Other Information- I'm an Admin.

How did you find out about us?: Really?

Which books in the series have you read so far?: All

Sample Roleplay:The music playing on the boom box changed from Queen to a song she had never heard before but it sounded like a song by Prince. " I know what you mean.The weapons they have in the armory are very exquisite. I could never imagine being cooped up in a camp for a hundred years... not that it's a bad camp. It's a very good camp. I also heard that you are currently building your cabin. Very creative!" , Athena said. If he never told me Prometheus was his Olympian parent I would've never guessed it was him who was his Father, she quietly thought to herself as she sipped on her goblet full of nectar. Then Athena realized her goblet was empty and filled it up with real Jamba Juice with extra brain boost this time. " Another thing have you ever met your sister?" , she asked Jake. As Athena waited she played with the owl pendent, since the owl is her sacred animal, on her necklace.

I agree with the Rules and role-playing Guidelines:
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